Kankrajhore Forest & Hills


Kankrajhor is the delight, an elixir for the wanderlust hearts, a paradise for the visitors who're in search of solitude. 'Kankra' means 'hills', while 'jhor' means jungles and forests, thus together they improve the sense of hilly lands amidst the forest frolic. Kankrajhor comprises of 9,000 hectares of hardwood trees including kusum, shaal, segun or teak, mahua and akashmani. Cashew nuts, Coffee and oranges are cultivated at Kankrajhor. Kankrajhor almost calls for the rhapsodies of ethereal fairytale as a consequence of the full moon nights of winter and spring season which are but no less than a hypnotic experience. Nights at Kankrajhor resonate and reverberate with the throb of Adivasi drums. The steady rhythms of Madal drumbeats waft in from the surrounding tribal settlements.It is amezing place for an explolar.
It is 8 km away from Gadrasini hill at the lap of Singlohor hill. Hidden beauty of mountains and forest welcoming every one. This a ideal place for to Jungle lovers & trekkers. Moyurjharna is very close to Kankrajhore. Here the nature explore herself will all beauty.